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The Parent Portal Mobile site is available!

From your smartphone or mobile device, please visit our mobile site at:

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Welcome to Grape Creek ISD 2019-2020 School Year!


We are pleased to start this year with a new Grade book and Parent Portal system.  


For all parents and students who wish to connect up to Parent Portal, you must get a Parent Portal ID from the office where your student attends class.


Here is the link to the Parent Portal site.  https://grapecreek.tx.txeis15.net/txConnect/Login.aspx

Then you must go and create a new user account.  Your username and password is open to your choice, but must follow the rules listed below each item.  

Then please use a personal email address (this is directed to teachers/faculty/staff as to please do not use your Grape Creek ISD email address).  

The next screen ask you to pick one of the 4 security questions and answer it.  

The next screen will ask for both your Student Portal ID and the Student Birthday ( if you don't have this ID, you may complete the following steps, then go back in to add your students ID at a later date). 

Then you must do a verification step, with the email you setup in step 1.  After you verify that email with the verification code, you are setup.  

Then you can add your mobile number, again with a text message to receive a verification code, to receive text messages on student grades and attendance.  

Finally, after you have your student's id (any or all of them), then please visit the ALERTS tab at the top and you can set your alert settings for grades, assignments, attendance of your students and set it to receive emails or text messages.  

Please note:  If a student is absent due to a Dr. appointment or family absence, the attendance will default to unexcused absence until the office has the time to go in and adjust the attendance to reflect the notes given to them by either the parents or the students.  


Note:  If you get yourself locked out of TXConnect, the default time for the account to be reset is 15 minutes.